•   Resident of Colorado
  •   18 years of age or older
  •   Full, part-time, and otherwise unemployed persons
  •   All levels of education
  •   All career backgrounds (although some have had experience with search or counseling)
  •   Adoption triad members as well as people outside of the adoption community
  •   People who are caring, understanding, and able to listen and appreciate other's positions even when they may not agree

CIs are not employees of CCIS.  Rather, they are contract workers who devote whatever time they and CCIS agree that they have available to provide search and reunion services to our clients.

CIs are trained in search, counseling techniques, loss and grief issues, adoption history, and the psychological impact of adoption upon the triad members.

CIs recognize that they can not make a living by providing this service.  CCIS considers the payment for each case to the CI as an honorarium.  Because of the payment's set and limited amount, despite the number of hours that a CI may spend working on an individual case, the CI must have a recognition of the value of this service in order to want to do this work.