What is CCIS' Mission?    Colorado Confidential Intermediary Service, Inc. is a service designed to help people who were involved in a Colorado adoption and are wanting to find birth relatives, be that a birth parent, a sibling, the adoptee, etc., and it does this in as speedy and cost-efficient manner as possible.  To accomplish this goal, CCIS:

  1. Trains and provides on-going classes and support to it's CIs; 
  2. Provides a bibliography of pertinent texts and support services available within Colorado, as well as general information about national support groups and resources, to the searching party and later to the sought-after person; 
  3. Offers low-cost search and contact services to all clients, and has a system to evaluate a person's qualification for our sliding scale or pro bono fee schedules;
  4. Maintains a limited number of administrative employees; and,
  5. Sustains an adequate number of CIs to support the caseload, providing for immediate assignment of cases.


On March 27, 1989, Governor Roy
Romer signed House Bill No. 1177 into law,
creating the Confidential Intermediary

      It is the purpose of this (law) to
      establish a confidential process
      whereby adult adoptees and adoptive 
      parents who desire information
      concerning their or their child's
      adoption and biological parents and
      siblings who desire information
      concerning an adult adoptee may
      pursue access to such information.

      ...The purpose of establishing the
      confidential process...is to create a
      pool of individuals who the courts
      and interested parties may call
      upon to initiate a search for a
      biological relative.

Governor Roy Romer
Governor Roy Romer

This "pool of individuals" consists of confidential intermediaries (CIs)  who have been trained by Colorado Confidential Intermediary Services (CCIS).

In January, 1990, CCIS began providing services to the Colorado adoption community, with it's first group of trained CIs beginning cases in May, 1990.


This same statute established the Adoption Intermediary Commission (AIC).  The AIC developed standards for training confidential intermediaries. The AIC also monitors confidential intermediary training programs offered by organizations such as CCIS and provides an up-to-date list of active intermediaries to the Colorado Judicial Department.