Current Fees
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As of 6/1/10, fees are currently $875.00 per the initial search. Of this amount, $100.00 represents a down payment on expected search expenses. If a search costs less than $100.00, the balance will be refunded to the petitioner. If the search costs more than $100.00, the petitioner will be billed directly by the CI. Expenses of over $100.00 must also be reviewed by the Chief Confidential Intermediary.

Of the remaining $775.00, $225.00 provides a small payment to the confidential intermediary (CI) for their services at the conclusion of the search . The remaining $625.00 is a non-refundable administrative fee to CCIS.

The $875.00 is for one search; there are additional fees and expenses for additional searches. The current additional fee for each subsequent search is $200.00.   For instance, if the search for a birth mother is successful and she agrees to contact with the adoptee, she can arrange contact between her side of the adoptee's birth family with the adoptee.  In this example, no additional search would be necessary for the maternal side of the adoptee's family.  However, if the birth mother only knows the name of the birth father and not where he is, and the adoptee wants a search for the birth father, a second search fee of $200.00 will be assessed.

Further, even if no consent is received from the first or subsequent party sought (either due to a refusal, not being found, or deceased), an additional search fee of $200.00 will be charged for each additional search.  Fifty dollars of that is an administrative fee and the remainder is to be paid to the CI by CCIS at the conclusion of the case.  This additional search payment must be made to the CCIS office prior to the CI continuing the search.

CCIS is a non-profit corporation with no state funds allocated for its operations. However, if at all possible, adjustments in fees may be made for petitioners who demonstrate limited income. If, after filing your Motion and Affidavit, you feel you may qualify for a sliding scale arrangement, please contact our office.  The most recent copy of your 1040 tax form, or documentation of income from Social Security, TANF, etc., or verification of limited income due to institutionalization or incapacity  is needed in order for CCIS' Finance Committee to approve a  pro bono fee.

We regret that CCIS is no longer able to provide a sliding scale, and pro bono cases are limited to 5 per calendar year.  These cost a minimal fee ($200.00), and all search expenses must be paid by the searching party.  Further, pro bono cases may be delayed in assignment until a confidential intermediary becomes available to accept the case.  We are no longer able to accept cases from people who are incarcerated, but these people may apply once they are no longer incarcerated.  The fee may be paid by the searching party or by a friend or relative who indicates that the fee is being donated for the specific person's search.  CCIS  accepts Visa and MasterCard credit card payment over the telephone.  The charge for this full payment of the fee is an additional $20.00.  CCIS will not accept partial payment by credit card.   CCIS does allow people to arrange a payment plan with cash or check payment, but no search will be started until the fee has been paid in it's entirety.


All donations are greatly appreciated.  CCIS' operating funds consist solely of petitioner's administrative fees.  Donations are used to supplement pro bono reduced fees to CCIS and CIs  and to help pay expenses for those who can not afford them.  Further, petitioners are welcome and encouraged to "tip" their assigned CI at the conclusion of the case if they believe they have received exemplary service.  The current fee paid to the CI at the conclusion of a case ($225) is considered  an honorarium only and not commensurate to the full value of the services offered.  Donations may be made directly to CCIS.