If You've been Contacted...

Many times when people have been contacted by a confidential intermediary (CI), they are concerned about whether or not the CI is representing a legitimate service, and whether the CI is a true representative. 

This website gives the history and process of the organization, as well as the laws governing it.  In order to verify the legitimacy of a particular CI, please contact the organization directly by phone or mail, and communicate with the Director. 

Colorado Confidential Intermediary Services, Inc.'s (CCIS) phone number is 303/237-6919.

CCIS' address is:  15400 W 64th Avenue  E-9  #173  Arvada, CO  80007.

There are two usual ways that a person might be contacted by a CI.  The most common way is by telephone.  No matter what the method of contact, the CI will ask a couple or more questions to determine that the party contacted is the correct person, and then the CI will attempt to have a private conversation with the sought-after person due to the sensitive nature of the contact.

The second most common form of initial contact is via a letter.  In most cases, the reason given in the letter for the sought-after to call or write back is stated in an innocuous manner, but one that is hoped will elicit a response.

There are occasional instances when a relative or acquaintance of the sought-after may be requested to forward a message or the above letter to the sought-after.  Further, there are occasions when the CI might make a personal visit to the sought-after's residence.

It is always the right of the sought-after to indicate that they do or do not desire contact.  It is also their right if they decide that they want contact, that they can choose the form of contact desired specifically (e.g.- anonymous letters and pictures only; direct contact) or in general (e.g. - anonymously at first, and then direct contact if everyone becomes comfortable with each other).  The form of contact can be modified in the future to a more open form if desired.

In general, anonymous contact is usually only continued via the CI for six months.  After that time, either the contact most end, or other arrangements can be made for the parties to continue the contact independent of this service (e.g. - email; the sought-after accepting all the identifying information on the other party in order to make future direct contact, etc.).