A Non-Profit Organization Administering Colorado's Confidential Intermediary Program

   Were you involved in an adoption in Colorado?  Do you want to find your relatives?  CCIS is the only organization that has authorization to open sealed Colorado court files to help you find your family.

CCIS is a service for persons (18 years of age and older)
involved in adoptions which took place in Colorado.
The purpose is to provide a trained
confidential intermediary ("CI") to locate sought-after relatives.

Further, as of 3/25/09, new law (Senate Bill 079) was enacted allowing CIs to conduct searches for people who were in the Colorado foster care system.  The law specifically addresses the right of siblings to search for siblings.  Please see below under "Related Laws".


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Contacting CCIS:  The CCIS office telephone number is 303/237-6919.  This is the best way to contact us, and will result in the quickest response time.  While you are welcome to use our email address, Ccisintermediary@q.com, please understand that this will not necessarily result in an immediate response.

Last updated:    03/07/14